Issue - decisions

Issue - decisions

Additional funding for feasibility studies for investment property development opportunities

30/10/2017 - Investment in existing property portfolio

Council considered a report from theInterim Assistant Chief Executive – Regeneration and Economy seeking approval for an increased budget requirement of £4,635,000 in addition to the existing approved budget of £10,300,000 to include the undertaking of additional projects (previously submitted to the City Executive Board meeting on 19 September 2017).


Councillor Price, Leader of the Council, presented the report and moved the recommendations.


Council resolved to approve an increase of £4,635,000 to the allocated budget of £10,300,000 to deliver the development opportunities at 1-5 George Street, Standingford House, Cave Street and add the new project of refurbishing 2 flats at 11 New Road and houses at 9 and 10 Ship Street.