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This page lists the meetings for Council.


Information about Council


Council (or “full Council”) is responsible for agreeing the Council’s Budget and Policy Framework (the key strategy documents) and its Constitution. Council appoints to non-executive committees, such as scrutiny, planning and licensing committees, and appoints a Leader of the Council (who in turn appoints a Cabinet). Council also confirms who will be Chief Executive, Chief Finance Officer and Monitoring Officer.

Council considers motions proposed by councillors on matters for which the Council is responsible or that directly affect people in Oxford. Council hears addresses and questions from the public, questions from councillors, and holds debates on certain petitions raised in the area. It can confer specific honours and may do this at specially-convened meetings.

The Lord Mayor chairs the Council meetings.

Number of Councillors: All

Quorum: One quarter of all Councillors (12)

Frequency: 7 scheduled meetings per year


Meetings of Council are recorded and can be viewed on the Council’s Youtube channel or by the following the media link on the agenda pages for each meeting.


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