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This page lists the meetings for Cabinet.


Information about Cabinet

Cabinet is the Council’s executive decision making body and is responsible for taking most of the Council’s major decisions.


Cabinet recommends the Budget and Policy Framework to Council and is responsible for implementing these policies and spending the budget. Cabinet also monitors financial and non-financial performance against corporate targets and budgets.


The Leader chairs Cabinet and appoints the Cabinet Members. Cabinet Members may hold a specific portfolio of services and policies.


Number of Councillors: up to 10 including the Leader


Quorum: 3


Frequency: 12 scheduled meetings per year


Before May 2019, the Cabinet was called the City Executive Board. Information about the Board and its meetings can be found here


How do I know what decisions will be taken?

A list of decisions for future Cabinet meetings can be found on the Council’s Forward Plan which is published monthly. Cabinet decisions must normally be listed on the Forward Plan for at least 28 days before they are taken to provide for public openness and transparency.


The dates of future Cabinet meetings are available here.


How can I get involved?


Information is on our Get involved at Cabinet meetings page.


Councillors can address the Cabinet

Oxford City councillors may, when the Chair agrees, address the Cabinet on an item for decision on the agenda (other than on the minutes). The member seeking to make an address must notify the Head of Law and Governance by 9.30am at least one clear working day before the meeting, stating the relevant agenda items. An address may last for no more than three minutes. If an address is made, the Cabinet member who has political responsibility for the item for decision may respond or the Cabinet will have regard to the points raised in reaching its decision.


Councillors speaking on Neighbourhood issues (10 minutes in total)

Any City Councillor can raise local issues on behalf of communities directly with the Cabinet. The member seeking to make an address must notify the Head of Law and Governance by 9.30am at least one clear working day before the meeting, giving outline details of the issue. Priority will be given to those members who have not already addressed the Cabinet within the year and in the order received. Issues can only be raised once unless otherwise agreed by the Cabinet. The Cabinet’s responsibility will be to hear the issue and respond at the meeting, if possible, or arrange a written response within 10 working days.


Items raised by Cabinet members

Such items must be submitted within the same timescale as questions and will be for discussion only and not for a Cabinet decision. Any item which requires a decision of the Cabinet will be the subject of a report to a future meeting of the Cabinet.