Finance and Performance Panel Work Plan</PI34>

NB This work plan is provisional and is subject to change, usually relating to changes on the Cabinet Forward Plan. Changes made outside meetings are agreed between the Scrutiny Officer and the Chair.

Cabinet items beyond three months in advance are not included on the work plan owing to the greater potential they will move or alternative items of higher priority arise in the meantime.


08 December 2021 - reports

Agenda item

Cabinet item


Cabinet portfolio

Lead officer



Integrated Performance Report Q2


A report to inform the Committee of the Council's current progress with regards to carbon reduction in housing, looking specifically at retrofitting of Council stock, the standards to which the Council is developing its own new homes, and learning from pilots of net-zero developments.

Cabinet Member for Finance and Asset Management

Anna Winship, Management Accountancy Manager

Treasury Management Mid-Year Report


A report to precis the key feedback arising from the recent Tenant Satisfaction survey

Cabinet Member for Finance and Asset Management

Bill Lewis, Financial Accounting Manager

Commercial Property Strategy Update


An update report on the progress of the Council’s implementation of its Commercial Property Strategy

Cabinet Member for Finance and Asset Management

Jane Winfield, Head of Corporate Property