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Minutes of a meeting of the

General Purposes Licensing Committee

on Thursday 21 May 2020


Committee members present:

 Councillor Chapman

Councillor Clarkson (Chair)

Councillor Cook

Councillor Corais

Councillor Gotch

Councillor Humberstone

Councillor Iley-Williamson

Councillor Landell Mills

Councillor Lygo (Vice-Chair)

Councillor Simm

Councillor Tanner

Councillor Taylor

Councillor Upton

Councillor Wade

Councillor Wolff


Officers present for all or part of the meeting:

Anita Bradley, Monitoring Officer

Joshua Curnow, Senior Licensing Compliance Officer

John Mitchell, Committee and Member Services Officer


No apologies were received


1.       Election of Chair for the Council Year 2020-21

The Committee Services Officer opened the meeting.

The Committee elected Councillor Clarkson to be the Chair for the Council Year 2019/20. Councillor Clarkson took the Chair.



2.       Election of Vice-Chair for the Council Year 2020-21

Both Councillors Lygo and Gotch were proposed and seconded for the position of Vice Chair for the Council Year 2020-21. On being put to a vote a majority of the Committee voted in support of Councillor Lygo’s nomination.  Councillor Lygo was therefore duly elected as  Vice Chair for the Council Year 2020/21.



3.       Declarations of Interest




4.       Appointment of Sub-Committees

The Head of Law and Governance had submitted a report to establish 4 sub-committees for the 2020-21 Council Year to deal with the casework flowing from the Committee’s own responsibilities.

The Clerk noted that the date given for a sub-committee meeting on 01 August should be 17 August.

The Committee resolved to:

1.Agree that the casework hearings for taxi, private hire or other driver or vehicle licences, street trading licences and sex  establishment licences should be determined by sub-committees on the basis of the Powers and Duties of GPL Sub-Committees at Appendix 1 of the report .


2. Agree the establishment of 4 politically balanced sub-committees of 3 members as follows:

•Sub- Committee A: GPL Chair, Labour Cllr A, Lib Dem Cllr A

•Sub- Committee B: GPL Vice Chair, Labour Cllr B, Lib Dem Cllr B

•Sub- Committee C: GPL Chair, Labour Cllr C, Lib Dem Cllr A

•Sub- Committee D: GPL Vice Chair, Labour Cllr D, Lib Dem Cllr B;


3.Agree that substitution is permitted on each of the 4 sub-committees but that substitutes must be from the General Purposes Licensing Committee and must maintain political proportionality;


4.Agree the following meeting dates and times 





8 June 2020


1 Feb 2021


6 July 2020


16 Mar 2021 


17 Aug 2020


26 Apr 2021


28 Sept 2020




9 Nov 2020




21 Dec 2020





5.Agree that the names of members for the 4 sub-committees be agreed outside the meeting.






5.       Minutes

In response to a question about the previous commitment to provide data about the number and nature of street closures it was explained that this would be the subject of a report to the next meeting of the Committee.

The Committee resolved to approve the minutes of the meeting held on 03 February 2020 as a true and accurate record.



6.       Dates of Future Meetings

Meetings are scheduled on

·         22 September 2020

·         04 February 2021




The meeting started at 6.15 pm and ended at 6.30 pm


Chair ………………………….    Date:  Tuesday 22 September 2020