Appendix 2

Example of poor conditions - complaint received from private tenant


Customer says – ‘ I am currently living in rented accommodation. There is no running hot water. The cooker is wired directly into the ring main, the shower has been disconnected for over 9 months. The toilet is blocked and the shower which is working trips the circuit breaker. There is no lighting in the house. There is building material left in the house and worked has not been completed. The landlord refuses to do anything to rectify the situation. I have a sink in my room and sewage backfires into the sink this has been going on for a year now and there is no fire escape from the top floor. There are bare wires hanging out the ceiling and no bulbs in the light holders. There is a broken window upstairs which hasn’t been fixed since we moved in over a year ago. The landlord has removed furnishings and a washing machine and hassling us to leave the building. No maintenance has been carried out in months  . The place is a health hazard and the cooker is also faulty and sometimes blows the fuse. Would be possible for someone to come around and assess the building please as it is a health. Building material has been left in the front garden for over a year. thank you for your time and attention over this very urgent matter before something serious may occur. I also have photographic evidence of this’.


The property was investigated which resulted in an emergency prohibition order was served to the category1 hazards. The tenants moved out of the property during the investigation.  


Description: M:\Environmental-Development\EH\hmo\Selective Licensing\2 - Draft Reports\Cabinet Report Sep (SL)\DSCN1948.JPGDescription: M:\Environmental-Development\EH\hmo\Selective Licensing\2 - Draft Reports\Cabinet Report Sep (SL)\DSCN1940.JPG