Appendix 3:  Equality Impact Assessment – HRA Development

Cabinet Report 9th September 2020


1.    Which group (s) of people has been identified as being disadvantaged by your proposals? What are the equality impacts?


No groups have been identified as being disadvantaged by this proposal.  The initiative recommended focuses on better meeting the needs of persons in housing need through seeking to improve the supply of more affordable housing.



2.    In brief, what changes are you planning to make to your current or proposed new or changed policy, strategy, procedure, project or service to minimise or eliminate the adverse equality impacts?


Please provide further details of the proposed actions, timetable for making the changes and the person(s) responsible for making the changes on the resultant action plan


N/A – No adverse impacts expected.



3.    Please provide details of whom you will consult on the proposed changes and if you do not plan to consult, please provide the rationale behind that decision.


Please note that you are required to involve disabled people in decisions that impact on them


No groups have been identified as being disadvantaged by this proposal and it is expected to have a positive impact on many vulnerable people as outlined, through the provision of more affordable housing.



4.    Can the adverse impacts you identified during the initial screening be justified without making any adjustments to the existing or new policy, strategy, procedure, project or service?


Please set out the basis on which you justify making no adjustments


No adverse impacts, relating to protected characteristics, have been identified.



5.    You are legally required to monitor and review the proposed changes after implementation to check they work as planned and to screen for unexpected equality impacts.


Please provide details of how you will monitor/evaluate or review your proposals and when the review will take place


All plans and spends will be monitored throughout the development period, and through contractual arrangements.



Lead officer responsible for signing off the EqIA: Dave Scholes, Housing Strategy & Needs Manager.  Date: June 2020