Cabinet response to recommendations of the Scrutiny Committee made on 02/06/2020 concerning the Annual Update on the Oxford City Council Corporate Plan 2016-20 (2019-20)

Response provided by Leader of the Council and Cabinet Member for Partnerships and Economic Development, Councillor Susan Brown





Recommendation 1: That the Council agrees to make the following amendments to the Annual Update on the Corporate Plan 2016-20 for inclusion in the published version:

a)    On page 71 after ‘Implementation of measures calculated to reduce the City Council’s carbon footprint by 5% each year’ add the words ‘below what it would otherwise have been’ or to add a similar explanatory footnote to the measure.

b)   On page 72 add to the existing text relating to the Council’s achievements regarding ‘Convene a Citizens’ Assembly in Oxford to help consider additional carbon reduction measures to address the climate emergency’ the following text: ‘The Council’s Scrutiny function also established the Climate Emergency Review Group which, over seven meetings, developed 56 recommendations of its own and signposted to 31 more developed externally on how to realise the expressed ambition of Citizens’ Assembly members regarding the Climate Emergency, particularly in relation to the built environment.’