Appendix 3: ‘TOPICC’ Scoring Criteria for Scrutiny Work Plan Items                       


























Scrutiny-commissioned reports are far more resource intensive for officers to deliver to Scrutiny than Cabinet papers, which have been written already. Does the need for scrutiny outweigh the additional resource requirements of that scrutiny? Is the report a Cabinet paper? No - 0
  Yes - 1
Cabinet paper
The TOPICC scoring system has been developed to assist Scrutiny Committees in prioritising work plan items. Criteria led work planning has been advocated by national governance experts and organisations alike, premised on the objective prioritisation of items against pre-set criteria. TOPICC can be used as a reference guide for councillors in selecting items, or it can be rigidly applied as a scoring system. How strictly the criteria is applied will depend of the number of items suggested and the resources available. 
 Whilst the scoring system aspires to be objective, it cannot necessarily take account of the nuances and complexities of all issues, and Committees should use their best judgement in agreeing which items to take forward.