Additional Representations:


Since the report was written, there has been a further 4 letters of support received  from Headington Hill Umbrella Group, Jack Straws Lane Association, Pullens Gate and Pullens Lane Association.


The salient points raised are as follows:

-       The present proposal is well received by local residents of Pullens Lane as it would respond directly to all of the grounds which were used to reject previous application.


-       Is in principle a sensitive and reasonable proposal and a good use of the site.


-       It will fit well with the character of the area; preserve and enhance the nature of the conservation area; maintain and enhance biodiversity; have an acceptable impact on highways, not create undue noise and disturbance and will not result in any material intensification of the area.


-       Proposal will need to be modified to conform to a covenant that restricts building within 50feet of shared boundary with Pullens Gate.




Update Ecology and modified 3rd reason for refusal (see 10.58 onwards of the Officer Report)


Since the report was written the applicant has sought to address the objections raised in respect of ecology and has submitted additional ecology information.  This was in the form of a badger report, a Biodiversity impact Calculator and an update on bats and reptiles.

The Council’s Ecology Officer has reviewed this additional survey work and information and has responded that there are still objections as the calculator confirms there is still a net loss in biodiversity which will need to be addressed with loss of functional habitat for wildlife and badgers, with a lack of meaningful benefits for biodiversity to compensate. 

In light of that the scheme is still considered to be contrary to planning policies CS12 of the Oxford Core Strategy, policy GSP3 of the Headington Neighbourhood Plan and policies G2 and SP54 of the emerging Local Plan 2036.  The third reason for refusal in the report will need to be modified to reflect the additional work undertaken as follows:


The proposed development fails to demonstrate that the scheme would not result in harm to known protected species on site, due to the loss of functional wildlife habitat, most notably for badgers.  The development would result in the net loss of a significant amount of trees, vegetation and ecological habitat that makes a meaningful contribution to local biodiversity that cannot be adequately mitigated or compensated by the proposal. A measurable net gain in biodiversity has not been demonstrated within the proposed development. As such, the development fails to accord with the requirements of policies NE15 and NE22 of the Oxford Local Plan 2016, policy CS12 of the Oxford Core Strategy 2026, policy GSP3 of the Headington Neighbourhood Plan, policies G2 and SP54 of the emerging Local Plan 2036 and the NPPF.