occ_blkMinutes of a meeting of the

Licensing and Gambling Acts Committee

on Monday 3 February 2020



Committee members:

 Councillor Cook (Chair)

Councillor Lygo (Vice-Chair)

Councillor Corais

Councillor Fry

Councillor Gotch

Councillor Humberstone

Councillor Landell Mills

Councillor Lloyd-Shogbesan

Councillor Tanner

Councillor Taylor

Councillor Upton

Councillor Wade


Daniel Smith, Lawyer

Joshua Curnow, Senior Licensing Compliance Officer

Katie Thorp, Licensing Compliance Officer

John Mitchell, Committee and Member Services Officer


Councillor Clarkson sent apologies.



8.       Declarations of interest




9.       Licensing and Gambling Acts Fees and Charges 2020/21

The Head of Regulatory Services and Community Safety had submitted a report to seek agreement to the licence fees for 2020/21 where the Council has discretion over the level of fee charged.


The Licensing Officer introduced the report, explaining that it was proposed that there should be no substantial variation to those fees and charges covered by the report for the 2020/21 Council year with the only changes being made in relation to Miscellaneous Charges. He reminded the Committee that the majority of fees covered by this report are set by statute


The Committee resolved to:


Agree the licence fees and charges for 2020/21 as set out in the Appendix 1 of the report and recommend them to Council.





10.    Minutes

The Committee resolved to:


Approve  the minutes of the meeting held on 14 May 2019 as a true and accurate record.



11.    Dates of future meetings

Meetings are scheduled on:


·         21 May  2020

·         22 September 2020





The meeting started at 6.00 pm and ended at 6.10 pm



Chair …………………………..                               Date:  Thursday 21 May 2020