Oxford City Council logoOpen minutes of a meeting of the


Shareholder and Joint Venture Group

for Oxford City Council Companies


on Wednesday 16 September 2020



SJVG members:

 Councillor Brown (Chair)

Councillor Turner (Vice-Chair)

Councillor Chapman

Councillor Clarkson

Councillor Hollingsworth

Councillor Rowley

Councillor Linda Smith

Councillor Upton


Officers representing the Council and/or supporting the Shareholder:


Anita Bradley, Monitoring Officer/ Head of Law and Governance

Nigel Kennedy, s151 Officer / Head of Financial Services

Andrew Brown, Law and Governance

John Mitchell, Law and Governance


Company Directors and support staff present for all or part of the meeting (see individual minutes for details):


Jane Winfield, Director, Housing Group and Barton Oxford LLP

Kevin Minns, Executive Director, OXWED

Lindsay D Cane, Company Secretary for Oxford Direct Services, Housing Group and OxWED




Councillors Hayes and Tidball sent apologies.




10.   Declarations of interest

Councillor Clarkson declared her role as a governor of the new primary school on the Barton development. The Monitoring Officer confirmed that this did not constitute a financial interest as the matter under consideration did not relate to negotiation or contractual arrangements with the School and advised that the declaration should be recorded for transparency. 




11.   SJVG Confidentiality and private session

The Shareholder and Joint Venture Group members agreed that all items relating to the individual companies would be discussed in private session. They agreed to exclude the public and also all directors and officers who were neither their advisers nor had a direct relationship with the respective company being discussed.




12.   Scrutiny comments and/or recommendations

This item was considered in private session.




13.   Oxford City Housing Ltd - The Housing Group (Private)



a)           OCHL Strategic 10 Year Business Plan – Housing Group of Companies (private)

Reports from Oxford City Housing Limited had been withdrawn prior to the meeting to allow for further work to take place on them. They would instead be considered at a future meeting of the SJVG.




14.   Barton Oxford Limited Liability Partnership (LLP): (Part Private)



a)           Barton LLP Quarterly Performance report (Open)

Discussion of this report was subsumed within the discussion of the following report.




b)          Barton LLP Quarterly Performance report - Appendix (Private)

Present for this part of the meeting

Oxford City Council Company Director

·         Jane Winfield


This item was considered in private session.




15.   Oxford West End Development (OxWED) (Private)



a)           OXWED: Update to Shareholders 1 September 2020 (Private)

Present for this part of the meeting

Oxford City Council Company Director

·         Jane Winfield

Others in attendance

·         Kevin Minns (Executive Director, OxWED)

·         Lindsay Cane (Company Secretary)


This item was considered in private session.




16.   Minutes of the previous meeting [part private]

The private and public minutes of the SJVG meeting held on 24 June 2020 were agreed as a true and correct record.




17.   SJVG Dates of next meetings

The next scheduled meeting of the SJVG will be held on 16 December 2020.

Other meetings may be arranged as required.







The meeting started at 6.00 pm and ended at 7.20 pm




Chair  ………………………………………..          Date: Wednesday 16 December 2020




Note: the next meeting is on Wednesday 16 December 2020