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Companies Scrutiny Panel

This meeting will be held on:

Date:          Monday 14 September 2020

Time:          6.00 pm                                    

Place:         Zoom - Remote meeting


For further information please contact:

Andrew Brown, Committee Services Officer

)  01865 252230                    * abrown2@oxford.gov.uk


Members of the public can attend to observe this meeting and.

·         may register in advance to speak to the committee in accordance with the committee’s rules

·         may record all or part of the meeting in accordance with the Council’s protocol

Information about speaking and recording is set out in the agenda and on the website

Please contact the Committee Services Officer to register to speak; to discuss recording the meeting; or with any other queries.



Committee Membership

Councillors: Membership 4: Quorum 2: substitutes are not permitted.


 Councillor James Fry (Chair)



 Councillor Tom Landell Mills


Councillor Chewe Munkonge


Councillor Craig Simmons





Apologies and notification of substitutes received before the publication are shown under Apologies for absence in the agenda. Those sent after publication will be reported at the meeting. Substitutes for the Chair and Vice-chair do not take on these roles.

















Declarations of Interest





Items to be considered in private



Items to be considered in private - matters exempt from publication

If the Panel wishes to exclude the press and the public from the meeting during consideration of any of the items on the exempt from publication part of the agenda or at any other point in the meeting, it will be necessary for the Panel to pass a resolution to that effect.

The Panel may maintain the exemption if and so long as, in all the circumstances of the case, the public interest in maintaining the exemption outweighs the public interest in disclosing the information.





Minutes of the previous meeting

7 - 16


Recommendation: That the open and confidential notes of the meeting held on 22 June 2020 be approved.





Responses to previous recommendations

17 - 20


Report from the Scrutiny Officer on the Shareholder and Joint Venture Group’s Covid-delayed response to recommendations from the Panel’s meeting on 12 March, and the responses to recommendations from the Panel’s meeting on 22 June 2020.





Shareholder and Joint Venture Group reports



To consider reports to the Shareholder and Joint Venture Group (reports open/exempt as shown on the agenda for that meeting: republished on 11 September as item from OCHL Board is withdrawn)





Date of the Next Meeting



The next scheduled meeting of the Companies Scrutiny Panel will be held on:

-       14 December 2020

If an additional meeting of the Shareholder and Joint Venture Group is agreed, an additional meeting of this Panel will also be arranged.





Information for those attending

Recording and reporting on meetings held in public

Members of public and press can record, or report in other ways, the parts of the meeting open to the public. You are not required to indicate in advance but it helps if you notify the Committee Services Officer prior to the meeting so that they can inform the Chair and direct you to the best place to record.

The Council asks those recording the meeting:

·         To follow the protocol which can be found on the Council’s website

·         Not to disturb or disrupt the meeting

·         Not to edit the recording in a way that could lead to misinterpretation of the proceedings. This includes not editing an image or views expressed in a way that may ridicule or show a lack of respect towards those being recorded.

·         To avoid recording members of the public present, even inadvertently, unless they are addressing the meeting.

Please be aware that you may be recorded during your speech and any follow-up. If you are attending please be aware that recording may take place and that you may be inadvertently included in these.

The Chair of the meeting has absolute discretion to suspend or terminate any activities that in his or her opinion are disruptive.

Councillors declaring interests

General duty

You must declare any disclosable pecuniary interests when the meeting reaches the item on the agenda headed “Declarations of Interest” or as soon as it becomes apparent to you.

What is a disclosable pecuniary interest?

Disclosable pecuniary interests relate to your* employment; sponsorship (ie payment for expenses incurred by you in carrying out your duties as a councillor or towards your election expenses); contracts; land in the Council’s area; licenses for land in the Council’s area; corporate tenancies; and securities. These declarations must be recorded in each councillor’s Register of Interests which is publicly available on the Council’s website.

Declaring an interest

Where any matter disclosed in your Register of Interests is being considered at a meeting, you must declare that you have an interest. You should also disclose the nature as well as the existence of the interest. If you have a disclosable pecuniary interest, after having declared it at the meeting you must not participate in discussion or voting on the item and must withdraw from the meeting whilst the matter is discussed.

Members’ Code of Conduct and public perception

Even if you do not have a disclosable pecuniary interest in a matter, the Members’ Code of Conduct says that a member “must serve only the public interest and must never improperly confer an advantage or disadvantage on any person including yourself” and that “you must not place yourself in situations where your honesty and integrity may be questioned”. The matter of interests must be viewed within the context of the Code as a whole and regard should continue to be paid to the perception of the public.

*Disclosable pecuniary interests that must be declared are not only those of the member her or himself but also those member’s spouse, civil partner or person they are living with as husband or wife or as if they were civil partners.