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Minutes of a meeting of the

Licensing and Gambling Acts Committee

on Thursday 21 May 2020


Committee members present:

 Councillor Cook (Chair)

Councillor Lygo

Councillor Chapman

Councillor Clarkson (Vice-Chair)

Councillor Corais

Councillor Gotch

Councillor Humberstone

Councillor Landell Mills

Councillor Simm

Councillor Tanner

Councillor Taylor

Councillor Wade

Councillor Wolff


Officers present for all or part of the meeting:

Anita Bradley, Monitoring Officer

Joshua Curnow, Senior Licensing Compliance Officer

John Mitchell, Committee and Member Services Officer


No apologies were received



1.       Election of Chair for the Council Year 2020-21

The Committee Services Officer opened the meeting.


The Committee elected Councillor Cook to be the Chair for the Council Year 2020/21. Cllr Cook took the Chair.



2.       Election of Vice-Chair for the Council Year 2020-21

The Committee elected Councillor Clarkson  to be the Vice Chair for the Council Year 2020/21.



3.       Declarations of interest






4.       Appointment of Sub-Committees 2020-21

The Head of Law and Governance had submitted a report to establish licensing casework sub-committees for the 2020-21 Council Year to deal with casework flowing from the Council’s responsibilities under the Licensing Act 2003 and the Gambling Act 2005.

It was agreed that the Committee Clerk should send all members of the Committee a separate reminder of the dates of the sub-committees.

The Committee resolved to:

1.         Appoint as many licensing casework sub-committees of three members as there are combinations of three members in the total number of members of the Committee;

2.         Note that the Sub-Committees’ powers and duties were as set out in the Annex to this report; and

3.         Agree the dates on which the Sub-Committees will meet if required.



5.       Minutes of the previous meeting

The Committee resolved to:

Approve the minutes of the meeting held on 03 February 2020 as a true and accurate record



6.       Dates of future meetings

The next meetings of the Committee are scheduled to take place on:


·         22 September 2020

·         04 February 2021.




The meeting started at 6.00 pm and ended at 6.10 pm


Chair …………………………. Date:  Tuesday 22 September 2020