Historic England South East Region Heritage Champion




The key objective for the Heritage Champion is to ensure that the historic environment plays a central role in the development of all the authority’s policies, plans, targets and strategies.  Champions work to persuade colleagues in both the local authority and the wider community that the historic environment offers many opportunities to improve the quality of life for everyone. 


Heritage Champions can make sure that the historic environment helps to achieve a local authority’s wider corporate objective – which include


  • Attracting regeneration opportunities and economic investment;
  • Creating opportunities for local employment;
  • Creating a focus for community cohesion, strength and capacity;
  • Offering local education resources;
  • Fulfilling social and economic goals for sustainable communities;
  • Enhancing an area’s sense of place, identity and local character; and
  • Creating local pride and satisfaction



Councillor Commitment


Heritage Champions develop their own set of responsibilities which may include


  • Ensuring that the historic environment positively contributes to the development of all relevant Council policies and forward strategies;
  • Making sure that their conservation advisory service is suitably resourced and supported; and
  • Sharing good practice relating to the historic environment with other local authorities



Council Representative:    

One Councillor appointed annually


Updated May 2014

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Ms Stephanie Groom-Dance

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