Agenda item

Agenda item

Conservation Area Appraisal

The Head of City Development has submitted a report to inform the committee of the completion of public consultation on the Headington Hill Conservation Area Appraisal and to request endorsement of the amended appraisal.


Officer’s recommendation: The Committee is recommended to endorse the study, support the principles it promotes and use it as a material consideration to inform the decisions that it makes about changes in the Headington Hill Conservation Area.


The Head of City Development submitted a report (previously circulated, now appended) which requested committee endorsement of the amended Headington Hill Conservation Area Appraisal.


The Conservation Officer presented the report and explained the year long conservation appraisal and consultation process to the Committee. The public and residential groups had been involved in the initial data collecting phase for the draft report followed by a 4 week consultation period which had ended 24 July 2012.  From the consultation 42 comments had been received, many of which had been incorporated into the draft appraisal.


In accordance with the criteria for public speaking, the Committee noted Philip Waddy who spoke against the consultation process. He felt that the institutions within the conservation area had not been adequately consulted in the drafting of the appraisal.


The Chair offered to organise a meeting between representatives of the institutions, local resident associations, Headington Hill and Northway ward Councillors and officers to further discuss the proposed appraisal.


The Committee agreed to endorse the Headington Hill Conservation Area Appraisal subject to the Chair convening a meeting between all interested stakeholders to further discuss the proposed appraisal.




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