ERRATA to Scrutiny Committee version of Appendix 1 of the Local Plan Committee Report

This errata note sets out changes between the Scrutiny version of the strikethrough Local Plan (Appendix 1 of the Local Plan Committee Report) and the updated electronic copy published with the Cabinet and Council papers.

Councillors are being asked on 8th June to adopt the submission version of the Local Plan[1] as amended by the Main Modifications appended to the Inspectors’ report and shown in Appendix 3 of the committee report.

In acknowledgement that this can be hard to follow officers produced a strikethrough version of the plan showing the main modifications as well as some additional (minor) modifications (Appendix 1 of the committee report).

Since the Scrutiny committee papers were published officers noticed some small errors in the way the Main Modifications were transferred into the strikethrough version of the Plan. The electronic copy has been corrected for Cabinet and Council ahead of publication online. The table below shows the changes that have been made to the Scrutiny Committee version.

Paragraph/ Policy

Difference between Scrutiny version of strikethrough plan and the amended electronic version for Cabinet and Council

Introduction and Chapter 1


No changes to note

Chapter 2


No changes to note

Chapter 3

Paragraph 3.9

10,884 should not be shown as struck-through text but as red underlined text. 

Policy H1

The new text for the second sentence has been amended to refer to the housing ‘requirement’ instead of the housing ‘target’

Chapter 4


No changes to note

Chapter 5

Policy G1

The words ‘are met’ at the end of the second paragraph of the policy are superfluous and not included in the main mod schedule or updated strikethrough version.

Policy G5

The second sentence of the policy should not include the text ‘not covered by Policies G1, G2, G3 and G4’. This text is not included in the Main Mods Schedule.

Chapter 6


No changes to note

Chapter 7


Struck through text at the end of the second paragraph (new text) should not be struck through but should be red underlined.

Chapter 8

Paragraph 8.11 (now 8.13)

There is only one main modification to this paragraph shown in the Main Modifications Schedule, which is the addition of the last sentence of the paragraph. The other modifications are removed.


The word ‘also’ is deleted by the Main Modifications and should be struck through in red.


This new policy was shown with struck through text in the hard copy of the strikethrough Plan that should not have been included. 

Chapter 9

SP1 West End

In the penultimate paragraph deleted are the words ‘is in accordance with’ which are replaced with ‘has regard to’ the Oxpens SPD.


SP6 Diamond Place

The words ‘in accordance with’ are replaced with the words ‘has regard to’ the Diamond Place SPD

SP41 now SP40 (Jesus College Sports Ground)

Third line of second paragraph is new text so shouldn’t be struck through:

“loss of the sports provision can be otherwise compensated for in line with the…”

SP43 (now SP42) Meadow Lane

The modification for the minimum number of units gives a minimum of 29 in the Main Modifications Schedule. The hard copy version of the strikethrough Plan gives the figure of 49, which has been corrected to 29 in the electronic version.

Glossary, Appendices and Monitoring framework


No changes to note