Annex to report on item 10: Report on decisions taken under Part 9.3(b) of the Constitution.


The following decision was taken by the Head of Paid Service (Chief

Executive) using the emergency powers set out in the Council’s Constitution after the report on item 10 was published in the Annual Council agenda pack.




To adopt the Protocol for Remote Meetings



To adopt the Protocol for Remote Meetings.

This protocol has been developed by an officer project group overseen by a cross-party member reference group to provide clarity about how the Council will operate remote meetings under the Local Authorities and Police and Crime Panels (Coronavirus) (Flexibility of Local Authority Police and Crime Panel Meetings) (England and Wales) Regulations 2020 No.392 (‘the Regulations’). The Regulations came into force on 4 April 2020 and remain valid until 7 May 2021. The Regulations apply notwithstanding any other legislation or pre-existing procedure rules of the Council governing meetings. This means that, wherever there is a conflict, the Protocol for Remote Meetings takes precedence in relation to the governance of any remote meeting.

Date decision made:

14 May 2020

Date decision published:

14 May 2020

Decision taker

Head of Paid Service (Chief Executive)

Is this a Key Decision?:


Alternative options considered:

To not adopt a protocol using emergency powers would not provide for the smooth running of the planning committee meetings scheduled for 18 May and 19 May 2020, which will take place before the Protocol can be considered for adoption by members at the Annual Council Meeting on 20 May 2020. This would create uncertainty for Members, officers and the public about the procedure rules to be followed at those meetings.

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