Appendix 1



Powers and Duties of General Purposes Licensing Sub-Committees


Powers and Duties


1.    To deal with cases concerning applicants for or holders of taxi, private hire or other driver or vehicle licences brought to the sub-committee by officers


2.    To decide taxi and private hire and other vehicle, driver and operator licence applications when the applicant has a conviction and the relevant service head has concerns about the nature of the offence or the applicant or the vehicle may not be suitable for some other reason


3.    To withdraw and suspend licences for taxis and private hire and other vehicles and their drivers and operators.


4.    To decide sex establishment licence applications when there are objections.


5.    To decide street trading applications of more than three months duration.


6.    To decide applications to renew street trading permissions when there has been a complaint about the trader, or the trader has broken the conditions of their street trading consent in the past year or where there is competition for a vacant approved site.