occ_blkMinutes of a meeting of the

East Area Planning Committee

on Wednesday 4 March 2020



Committee members:

 Councillor Taylor (Chair)

Councillor Tanner (Vice-Chair)

Councillor Aziz

Councillor Chapman

Councillor Clarkson

Councillor Garden

Councillor Harris (for Councillor Roz Smith)

Councillor Lloyd-Shogbesan

Councillor Simm



Sally Fleming, Planning Lawyer

Hayley Jeffery, Development Management Team Leader

Chris Leyland, Tree Officer

Andrew Murdoch, Development Management Service Manager

Jennifer Thompson, Committee and Members Services Officer


Councillor Roz Smith sent apologies.



78.    Declarations of interest




79.    Tree Preservation Order: 11 Forest Road, Oxford

The Committee considered the draft order and two objections to the confirmation without modification of the text, but with modification to the location plan, of Oxford City Council - 11 Forest Road (No.1) Tree Preservation Order (TPO) 2019 applying to a common beech tree, shown in a black circle on the Tree Preservation Order plan as T1 at 11 Forest Road, Oxford.


The planning officer displayed a plan showing the correct location for T1, slightly further away from 11 Forest Road than the plan in the report.


Kim Webb, local resident, spoke objecting to the confirmation of the order emphasising the detrimental impact on those living in the immediate vicinity of the tree. Joanna Chai, local resident, came to the table and was available to answer questions.


The Committee considered the wider amenity value of the tree as seen from the public realm and the detrimental impact of the tree on the residents of 9, 11 and 13 Forest Road. In particular they considered the impact of the tree on these residents’ ability to use their gardens; options for maintenance; wider public views and on the immediate ecology and wider environment.


A proposal to confirm the TPO, on being seconded and put to the vote, was declared lost.


A proposal was put to not confirm the TPO on the grounds that there was not enough evidence that the public amenity value of the tree outweighed the detriment to the residents of 9, 11 and 13 Forest Road.  On being seconded and put to the vote, this was declared carried.


East Area Planning Committee resolved not to confirm the Oxford City Council – 11 Forest Road (No.1) Tree Preservation Order 2019.



80.    19/03236/FUL: Oxford Retail Park , Ambassador Avenue, Oxford, OX4 6XJ

The Committee considered an application for planning permission for the replacement of existing south west and north west elevations, to modernise and update the façade of retail units 1 to 5 as part of a programme of refurbishment, at Oxford Retail Park, Ambassador Avenue, Oxford, OX4 6XJ.


East Area Planning Committee resolved to:

1.    approve the application for the reasons given in the report and subject to the three required planning conditions set out in section 12 of the report and grant planning permission; and to

2.    delegate authority to the Head of Planning Services to finalise the recommended conditions as set out in the report including such refinements, amendments, additions and/or deletions as the Head of Planning Services considers reasonably necessary.



81.    Minutes

The Committee resolved to approve the minutes of the meeting held on 5 February 2020 as a true and accurate record.



82.    Forthcoming applications

The Committee noted the list of applications.



83.    Dates of future meetings






The meeting started at 6.00 pm and ended at 6.55 pm



Chair …………………………..                               Date:  Wednesday 1 April 2020