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Minutes of a meeting of


on Wednesday 20 May 2020

Council members present:

 Councillor Simmons (Lord Mayor)

Councillor Altaf-Khan (Deputy Lord Mayor)

Councillor Goddard (Sheriff)

Councillor Arshad

Councillor Azad

Councillor Aziz

Councillor Bely-Summers

Councillor Brown

Councillor Chapman

Councillor Clarkson

Councillor Cook

Councillor Corais

Councillor Curran

Councillor Djafari-Marbini

Councillor Donnelly

Councillor Fry

Councillor Gant

Councillor Garden

Councillor Gotch

Councillor Harris

Councillor Hayes

Councillor Henwood

Councillor Hollingsworth

Councillor Howlett

Councillor Humberstone

Councillor Iley-Williamson

Councillor Kennedy

Councillor Landell Mills

Councillor Lloyd-Shogbesan

Councillor Lygo

Councillor Malik

Councillor McManners

Councillor Munkonge

Councillor Pressel

Councillor Rowley

Councillor Rush

Councillor Simm

Councillor Linda Smith

Councillor Roz Smith

Councillor Tanner

Councillor Tarver

Councillor Taylor

Councillor Tidball

Councillor Turner

Councillor Upton

Councillor Wade

Councillor Wolff



Councillor Haines sent apologies.

The minutes show when Councillors who were absent for part of the meeting arrived and left.


1.       Extension of the terms of office of the current civic office holders

Council resolved to

1.     extend the terms of office of the

to the start of the Council meeting on 30 November 2020; and

2.     appoint, with the decision taking effect from the start of the Council meeting on 30 November 2020 (or at the end of that day should the scheduled Council meeting not take place on that date),

with the intention that they similarly serve an 18 month term, subject to their re-election as councillors and a vote confirming their election at the Annual Meeting of Council in May 2021.



2.       Declarations of interest

There were no declarations.



3.       Announcements

The Lord Mayor, Cllr Simmons, made a number of announcements.


He led Council in thanking the City Council staff for continuing to deliver front line services through the lockdown as a result of the COVID19 pandemic.

He reported briefly on his fundraising dinner (£2600 raised); an 8 day rail trip to Oxford’s European twin cities (Wroclaw, Leiden, Bonn) in late February; the many kind messages from the twin towns in support of the city during the COVID19 outbreak; cancelled events but a growing number of online events.

At the Lord Mayor’s invitation, the City Rector, Rev Anthony Buckley, addressed councillors.

The Lord Mayor, Cllrs Turner, Malik, Azad, Altaf Khan and Aziz paid tribute to retired councillor Sabir-Hussain Mirza who had died on 23 April, and spoke about his life and his contribution to the city.

The Chief Executive updated councillors on the Council’s response to the COVID19 pandemic and 8 week lockdown, and the major changes to the council’s processes and planning that had been made in these weeks, including support in the community, emergency planning, communications, and the move to online meetings. He thanked staff for their work and response to challenges in these difficult circumstances. He reported that the council’s procedures and Constitution had now reverted from the emergency arrangements back to the normal arrangements.



4.       Council Leader to May 2021

Cllr Djafari-Marbini joined the meeting during this item.


Council noted that Councillor Brown remained as Leader of the Council for a term of office ending on the day of the annual council meeting in 2021.



5.       Report of the Leader of Council

The Leader of the Council gave her report. She noted the truly exceptional circumstances and changes over the last three months as the COVID19 pandemic took hold, and its impact on council and on the city. She paid tribute to council staff who had led the changes to service delivery and the community work; and to the astonishing and heart-warming response to the crisis from communities across the city. She thanked all the key workers across all sectors keeping healthcare and services running. Looking forward there were challenges in the ongoing health crisis; supporting an economic recovery; supporting communities and businesses; maintaining increased cycling and walking.

She would retain her responsibility for economic development and regeneration and for partnerships.

She reported her appointment of the Deputy Leader and her Cabinet, and also on a number of appointments as set out below.

She would arrange for circulation of portfolio responsibilities separately.


Cabinet membership

Deputy Leader (statutory)

Councillor Turner (Finance and Asset Management)


Councillor Clarkson (City Centre, Covered Market and Culture)

Councillor Chapman (Customer Focused Services)

Councillor Hayes (as non-statutory deputy leader) (Green Transport and Zero Carbon Oxford)

Councillor Hollingsworth (Planning and Housing Delivery)

Councillor Rowley (Affordable Housing)

Councillor Tidball (Supporting Local Communities)

Councillor Linda Smith (Leisure and Parks)

Councillor Upton (Safer, Healthy Oxford)



The Council’s representatives (and substitutes if any) on the Growth Board and its three advisory sub-groups:

Oxfordshire Growth Board;

Councillor Brown, Leader

Oxfordshire Plan 2050 Advisory Sub Group

Councillor Hollingsworth

Affordable Housing Advisory Sub Group

Councillor Rowley

Infrastructure Advisory Sub Group

Councillor Hayes


Shareholders for:


Oxford City Housing Limited (comprising OCH Ltd; OCH (Development) Ltd, OCH (Investment) Ltd

The whole of the Cabinet, acting as shareholders.

Oxford West End Development Ltd

The whole of the Cabinet, acting as shareholders.

Oxford Direct Services (comprising ODS Ltd; ODS (Trading) Ltd)

The whole of the Cabinet, acting as shareholders.


The Leader of the Council confirmed there were no changes to the Executive Scheme of Delegation as set out in the Section 4 of the Council’s Constitution.



6.       Appointment to Council Committees 2020/21

Council had before it the report of the Head of Law and Governance setting out the appointments to committees, and separately published appendices setting out the political balance calculations, and the nominations by each group to committee places.

Council resolved to:

1.    Approve the structure of the Council committees, as defined within the Council’s constitution and set out in Appendix 1: Committee structure;

2.    Approve the methods, calculations and conventions used in determining political representation on committees as outlined in the report and set out in Revised Appendix 2: Political proportionalities on Council committees 2020-21; and

3.    Approve the appointment of nominated members to committees in accordance with the requirements of political proportionality and the nominations made by political groups, as set out in Appendix 3: Committee nominations 2020-21 reproduced below;

4.    Agree that all members of Council will form the pool of members able to observe on appeals and some grievances panels;

5.    Appoint three non-executive members to the Oxfordshire Growth Board Scrutiny Panel as shown below;

6.    Appoint one non-executive member to the Joint Oxfordshire Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee as shown below.



Liberal Democrat


Oxfordshire Joint Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee

1.    Nadine Bely-Summers



Oxfordshire Growth Board Scrutiny Panel


1.    John Tanner

1.    Andrew Gant

1.    Craig Simmons

Licensing and Gambling Acts Committee

1.    Nigel Chapman

2.    Mary Clarkson

3.    Colin Cook

4.    Tiago Corais

5.    Rae Humberstone

6.    Dan Iley-Williamson

7.    Mark Lygo

8.    Christine Simm

9.    John Tanner

10.  Sian Taylor

2.    11. Louise Upton

1.    Mike Gotch

2.    Tom Landell Mills

3.    Liz Wade


1.    Dick Wolff

General Purposes Licensing Committee

1.    Nigel Chapman

2.    Mary Clarkson

3.    Colin Cook

4.    Tiago Corais

5.    Rae Humberstone

6.    Dan Iley-Williamson

7.    Mark Lygo

8.    Christine Simm

9.    John Tanner

10.  Sian Taylor

11.  Louise Upton

1.    Mike Gotch

2.    Tom Landell Mills

3.    Liz Wade


1.    Dick Wolff

Appointments Committee

1.    Susan Brown

2.    Tom Hayes

3.    Alex Hollingsworth

4.    Ed Turner

1.    Andrew Gant




Audit and Governance Committee

1.    Tiago Corais

2.    James Fry

3.    Chewe Munkonge

4.    Martyn Rush

5.    John Tanner

1.    Mike Gotch


1.    Craig Simmons


Investigation and Disciplinary Committee

1.    Susan Brown

2.    Suzanna Pressel

3.    Martyn Rush


1.    Liz Wade




East Area Planning Committee

1.    Shaista Aziz

2.    Nigel Chapman

3.    Mary Clarkson

4.    Ben Lloyd-Shogbesan

5.    Christine Simm

6.    John Tanner

7.    Sian Taylor

1.    Mohammed Altaf-Khan

2.    Roz Smith




West Area Planning Committee


1.    Colin Cook

2.    Tiago Corais

3.    Richard Howlett

4.    Alex Hollingsworth

5.    Dan Iley-Williamson

6.    Marie Tidball

7.    Louise Upton

1.    Mike Gotch

2.    Paul Harris



Planning Review Committee


1.    Jamila Azad

2.    Steve Curran

3.    James Fry

4.    Mark Lygo

5.    Joe McManners

6.    Chewe Munkonge

7.    Linda Smith

1.    Stef Garden

2.    Steve Goddard


Scrutiny Committee


1.    Lubna Arshad

2.    Shaista Aziz

3.    Tiago Corais

4.    Hosnieh Djafari-Marbini

5.    James Fry

6.    Richard Howlett

7.    Pat Kennedy

8.    Ben Lloyd-Shogbesan

9.    Joe McManners

1.    Mohammed Altaf-Khan

2.    Andrew Gant

1.    Craig Simmons


Standards Committee



1.    Jamila Azad

2.    Pat Kennedy

3.    Mark Lygo

4.    Suzanna Pressel

5.    Christine Simm

1.    Mike Gotch


1.    Craig Simmons






7.       Council scheme of delegation for 2020/21

Council noted the decision of the Chief Executive published that afternoon to revert back to the Council's normal constitutional arrangements so that the business continuity version of the Constitution is no longer in force and the Council is again operating under the Constitution as agreed by Council on 27 January 2020.

Council resolved to agree the Council’s Scheme of Delegation for its responsibilities set out in Section 5 of the Council’s Constitution as agreed on 27 January 2020.



8.       Confirmation of protocol for all remote meetings

Cllr Malik left the meeting during this item.

Council considered the report of the Head of Law and Governance setting out a protocol for the smooth running of remote meetings.

Council resolved to confirm the protocol for the operation of remote meetings as set out in the decision taken by the Chief Executive and in the Appendix to the report. 



9.       Report of decisions taken under Parts 9.3(c) of the Constitution

Council considered the report setting out the decisions made by the Chief Executive using his emergency powers since 23 March 2020 and two further decisions made on 14 May and 20 May 2020.

The Chief Executive explained that it would have been possible to delay the decision on the Headington Community Governance Review (CGR) to a future Council meeting. At the time it was deemed prudent to make the decision as there was uncertainty around holding any meetings, and because this brought forward the end of the required time period before a new request for a CGR could be considered.

Council noted the decisions taken.



10.    Allocation of Growth Deal funds to Oxford City Council

Council considered a report to Cabinet on 11 March recommending acceptance of capital infrastructure funds and to delegate authority to officers to enter in contractual Funding Agreements with Oxfordshire County Council, in order to deliver two city infrastructure schemes set out within the Oxfordshire Housing and Growth Deal.

Councillor Brown, Leader of the Council, presented the report, answered questions, and moved the recommendations. These were agreed on being seconded and put to the vote.


Council resolved to:

1.    Accept £7m in the Oxfordshire Housing and Growth Deal Funds from Oxfordshire County Council for the delivery of city-based infrastructure schemes;


2.    Approve an initial £300,000 feasibility study allocation from the capital programme for 2020-21, for Osney Mead to Oxpens Bridge, financed by available external funds; and

3.    Approve the £1m capital budget for city cycling schemes at Cuckoo Lane, Marsh Lane, Marston Road & Boundary Brook, Oxford, financed by Oxfordshire Housing and Growth Deal Funding.





The meeting started at 4.00 pm and ended at 5.55 pm


Lord Mayor …………………………..                                   Date:  Monday 8 June 2020


Decisions on items of business take effect immediately:

Motions may be implemented immediately or may require further budget provision and/or reports to Cabinet before implementation.

Details are in the Council’s Constitution.